Busy Little Fairy!


Well we’re already on February and what a whirlwind year this is turning out to be already!  I’m not long back from New York where I went to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers and bonus, it was SuperBowl weekend too!  What an amazing way to start the year.  Got to catch up with some of my best friends as well as seeing my favourite band, can’t get much better than that!

Now on to business, I thought I’d share some of my plans with you so you can get involved in anything you like the sound of.  Remember, The Rock Fairy is all about collaboration over competition.  It’s not about outdoing people, it’s about working together for the best result, people coming together through music.

Manchester Rocks

Yes, I’m still very much part of The Manchester Rocks team and we’ve got lots of new things coming for you in 2014.  Our mighty leader, Dan Clifford, is now resident DJ at Rock Asylum, a monthly rock night at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester and you’ll more than likely see one of the team, if not all of us, rocking out alongside him.  They have ping pong as well don’t you know?  We’re also involved with Festwich, Europe’s biggest FREE tribute band festival.  It was a great year last year and this year promises to be bigger and better, if that’s possible.  Keep your eyes on the Manchester Rocks website here for all the gossip.


So I still write music reviews for TBFM, both online and for TBFM Magazine, a free magazine distributed in numerous music venues around the UK.  As well as that though, I HAVE MY OWN RADIO SHOW!  This is one of the most exciting developments for The Rock Fairy as I now get the chance to share great music with you all in my weekly show.  It’s every Monday from 5-7pm and you can find more about that here.

The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect is one of the most influential music blogs in the US and every now and again, I get to impart my own musical musings on there which is a big privilege for me.  The team behind The Ripple Effect are some of the most passionate music lovers I know and even better, they’re all big vinyl lovers like me.  Check the blog out for yourself here.

Record Swap Day

Speaking of vinyl, I’m proud to say that I’m the UK representative for the world’s very first Record Swap Day.  On April 18th, this is going to be possibly (we hope) the world’s largest simultaneous day of record swapping.  We have a strict no money changing hands rule at these record swaps.  The idea behind this is not to make money, but to update your record collection for free whilst helping other vinyl lovers do the same.  Like I say, I’m co-ordinating happenings in the UK, as well as organising Record Swaps in Manchester so it’s a big job!  Our website is under development but keep an eye out here and join our Facebook group too.

Glaston-Bury Festival

Not to be confused with that big festival held on a farm, Glaston-Bury Festival is an annual festival held every year on the August Bank Holiday in my home town of Bury.  Getting bigger every year, last year’s event saw over 100 acts perform on 14 stages around the town.  Not only does this festival celebrate great music and bring people together (you can see why I love it) , it also raises much needed funds for Bury Hospice and has raised over £60,000 so far.  So where do I come in?  Well  I’m the Press/PR Officer for the festival, making sure as many people as possible know about the event and making sure that those that do are totally engaged.  I did this for the first time last year and I can’t have done that bad a job as I’m back this year too!  Our website is launching soon but in the meantime you can keep up to date via Facebook here

So that’s a little taster of what I’m up to this year, hope to see a fair few of you joining me for the ride!

The Rock Fairy x

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