#EarthFriendlyRocker is my project to raise awareness of the impact our lovely rock and roll world has on the environment and inspire change in the way we do things. By joining the movement to reduce the amount of single use plastics we use, you can become a true #EarthFriendlyRocker.  You’ll receive tips and tricks along the way and get to join a community of likeminded fans, bands and other businesses that rock out with a conscience so it’s definitely worth checking out and joining! 

Head here to join the movement

There’s even an #EarthFriendlyRocker store to help set you on your way where you can get your hands on bamboo drumsticks and guitar picks amongst some other great goodies.  Everything stocked is plastic free, posted in plastic free packaging and supports small businesses with the same mindset.  No huge corporate machines here.  New stuff will be added too so if you don’t see anything you fancy, give me a shout.

Shop #EarthFriendlyRocker here