Work With Me

I have over 12 years of coaching experience and extensive experience in consultancy, project management and analysis.  I’ve been a musician since I was 8.   I also run my own business (two in fact).  So I get it. I get that it’s challenging. I get that life gets in the way.

You may be wondering how to take your band to the next level.  Well the first step is working out what this mythical next level actually is!  I work with bands to first of all find out what your goals are and then we work together to devise the best way to get there (as well as how to overcome the speed bumps on the way).

I currently manage two bands, The King Lot and Black King Cobra. I’m not looking to take on any more bands management wise however I work on a consultancy basis with many.

Having a consultant for your band is similar to management, only you don’t have to pay me a monthly retainer or commission. You simply book some time in with me and pay for the time you need. We discuss what you want to achieve and devise a plan to get there. No contracts. No complications. If you want to book some time in, just give me a shout.