My Radio Show

The Rock Fairy Show is my very own radio show on Fab Radio International, Europe’s biggest independent online radio station, where you’re encouraged to “Embrace The Alternative”.  Every Monday between 7pm and 9pm you get to join some awesome people and hear some bangers (my affectionate term for great music).

I don’t play what the PR companies tell me to, I don’t play what everyone says is cool, I play what I think is great music.  Music that doesn’t get the love I feel it should.  It could be an emerging band with no PR machine, it could be a forgotten gem off some old 70’s vinyl.  Fair enough, it could be a tune a PR company has sent me that just happens to be decent.  Anything goes, as long as I love it, and I think you’ll love it too.  Oh and yes, that’s me at the top of this page.  Probably listening to T-Rex.

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