About Me

My love affair with all things rock started as a kid when I saw Marc Bolan singing Hot Love on an old TOTP special, wearing shedloads of glitter. I was smitten.  I then noticed some bloke wearing black nail varnish on one of my mum’s LPs.  That bloke was Freddie Mercury and the LP was Sheer Heart Attack.  My dad taught me how to air guitar to Status Quo.  It’s safe to say rock defined my early years. I’ve been a musician myself since the age of 8.

Me, probably listening to T-Rex

Fast forward a fair few years (more than I care to admit!) and I ended up writing reviews of gigs and music releases, getting really stuck into how the music industry worked. Spent a bit of time gigging in my own bands too, as well as doing guest vocals for bands like Massive Wagons. I still perform with them every now and again but my own music is definitely on the backburner whilst I support others.

My day jobs have always been in huge corporate companies so when I saw how things were working in the emerging side of the music industry, I was a bit confuddled to say the least.  There’s a whole heap of people who have lost their way (or never found it in the first place) and a huge lack of support for those people, particularly around developing basic business skills. A band is a business after all. 

Lauren Hutchinson
The Rock Fairy
Me, probably still listening to T Rex.

I fast began to notice that there was a murky, not so nice bit of the industry.  I set up The Rock Fairy back in 2013 to add a little bit of sparkle to what can be a fairly brutal industry by sharing my reviews and offering guidance to bands, as well as managing bands too.

I’ve worked with lots of bands over the years and at the end of 2018, I decided I really wanted to step things up a gear in my mission to unite fans with great music as for me, there’s no better feeling than seeing someone fall head over heels in love with a band the way I did with Marc Bolan all those years ago.  So I decided to up my game and become a limited company with a social purpose.

I’m committed to promoting wellness and sustainability in the rock community in everything I do. Keeping ourselves and the environment well is important, and music is something that has the power to do both of those things if we let it. If you like the sound of that, then find out how you can work with me.

The Rock Fairy x