The Rock Fairy Album Club: Baleful Creed – Seismic Shifter

Well it’s been a little while but back by popular demand is The Rock Fairy’s Album Club! Last week saw The Rock Fairy’s Tribe dust off an older release with Baleful Creed’s Seismic Shifter, released in 2017.

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Baleful Creed are a hard rock/stoner band and definitely showcase their heavier side on this release. Here’s some of the highlights from our Album Club members…

Still one of my favourite albums and still played on a very regular basis. What can I say…the riffs…the beats…the lyrics…just grab you by the throat and will not let go. It is pure and simple, face meltingly good.

Evelyn Barr

This album is a frequent feature on any car journey. This is a great album. The tracks each have their own unique sound and variety…from heavy and doomy to blues and boogie. My favourite tracks are probably Forgiven and God’s Fear but there are 4 or 5 others that might be my favourite on a different day. Great riffage, lovely gritty vocals, rumbling bass lines and thumping drums – this album has a bit of everything

Penny Wood

Baleful Creed are:

Fin Finlay – Vocals/Guitar

John Allen – Guitar

Davy Greer – Bass/Vocals

Dave Jeffers – Drums

It’s played everyday, and is the perfect example of an album where you cannot skip any track – just have to play it in entirety. It’s hard to pick a favourite from such a stellar recording but The Wolf just gets it over Levy. Great album from bloody good blokes!

Wayne Terence Dobb

When I first bought this my favourite track was Levy. Listening to the album today I thought Grind stood out as a bit of a centrepiece. Also really enjoyed listening to Lose Religion again. Great track with a bit of a Motörhead vibe! Top album.

Sion Parry

This album has been on my playlist for over a year. The past two days, it’s all I’ve listened to, to try and comment on each track and state my favourite and why. After careful listening, I have decided this: Seismic Shifter can be likened to a hot drink on a cold day/cold drink on a hot day! IT HIT THE SPOT! Favourite track – Lose Religion. But, as there isn’t a bad track on the album…

Bob Freeman

If you want to know more about Baleful Creed then head over to their website here

Absolutely brilliant album from start to finish. This to me is what rock is all about. I was introduced to these guys by my brother and now they are a big part of my life and wardrobe! I love their sound and lyrics, heavy riffs and thumping beat. I love Fin’s vocals and Davy’s too. They contrast each other and stay true to their Northern Irish background. To top it all they are so good to their fans. Yes, I am slightly in love with this band. A fantastic album.

Wendy Jones

I love this album

Paul Farrimond

I love the way this album is put together, you can feel the way the individual bits of music combine to produce the whole. The beat, riffs, and lyrics are well balanced…makes my ears very happy but my bank account very sad with the number of t-shirts it has resulted in – not to mention the gig tix and trip to Norn Iron. But I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Andrea Robinson
Baleful Creed (photo robbed from their Facebook page and not sure who to credit)

Love both BC’s albums, both are on my heavy rotation. My favourite tracks off Seismic Shifter are Devil’s Side and The Wolf, that’s if I had to pick two. The album is rifftastic. Would recommend it.

Kevin Bishop

Norn Iron’s finest Doom Blues Boogie Merchants…big claim? Not with this album. From Fin’s gravelly vocals and perfectly delivered “smoke stained fingers fumble in my pocket, the packet hits the polished floor” on Forgiven to Davy’s wrath filled rendition of Lose Religion, John’s solid guitar and David’s perfect drumming, Seismic Shifter shows the guys at their best – it’s an amazing album.

Julie King

Absolutely cracking album from a great bunch of guys! Love the heavy riffs and there’s not a weak song on it. Looking forward to the next album

Sharon Cooper

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