The Rock Fairy Album Club: Backyard Babies – Sliver and Gold

The latest release chosen for us to natter about in The Rock Fairy Album Club comes from Swedish rockers Backyard Babies. Formed way back in 1989, Sliver and Gold is newest offering and came out earlier this year. Here’s what folk had to say about it!

Their best album in years, fantastic live band too! Anyone not familiar with them, give this a listen (the deluxe version is even better) and if you like it, check out their back catalogue starting with their debut – Total 13

Sion Parry

Album Art for Sliver and Gold

2019’s offering is another solid album. “Good Morning Midnight”, the opening track , encapsulates them perfectly – upbeat driven rock and roll with great melody. “Shoving Rocks”, class. “A Day Late In My Dollar Shorts” love that track. There’s something about Scandinavian bands, perhaps it’s the fact they are taught music properly over there. How to construct songs and melodies. They have great pedigree. They are a phenomenally hard working band. Nothing contrived, just honest rock n roll. They have a softer side as well, great songsmiths. Great album, really worth going to see these guys.

Jim Mansfield

Can’t believe I’ve not heard of this band before, they have been going since the late 80’s. Anyhow, a great album (sorry, crap at reviews)

Craig Anderson

Great album, with that classic sleazy punky sounds whilst never sacrificing the all important melody. Love most of the songs but particularly “Bad Seeds”, “44 Undead”, “Good Morning Midnight”, “Shovin’ Rocks” and “A Day Late In My Dollar Shorts” (surely a nod to the mighty Michael Monroe).

Craig Wilkinson

A band from Sweden that isn’t ABBA! I have to admit that I had never heard of Backyard Babies until this review. Over the past four days I have spent a good few hours listening and I like! So I’m now following on Spotify and have a few older albums to listen to.

Bob Freeman

Backyard Babies are under the radar for reasons that are beyond me. A 30 year career, a band who tour constantly in the UK every year are so, and around Europe and beyond. They supported Black Star Riders a couple of years ago and still get ignored. This does seem to be a peculiarly British thing though, see Volbeat as an example.

Anyway, Sliver and Gold is a good rock n roll album. It’s not metal, it’s not punk, it’s just rock and roll.. It has some tremendous songs on it and a song craft that is built by years on the road. A great collection of songs and if your interest is piqued then they are playing with The Wildhearts (another ignored band but this time British) in January. Go on, have a listen.

Graeme McDonald

Backyard Babies

After hearing this album and never even hearing them before (if I don’t know a band, I tend to stay away from them) but I think this group will open my eyes to music I don’t know of. I downloaded the album and I’m pleasantly surprised by how good it is, I will be keeping it in my library for sure.

Paul Farrimond

Loving this week’s album from Backyard Babies, connected with it straight away!

Sarah Tate

Cracking album by a band that slipped past my radar, I like to think I have pretty broad tastes and enjoy finding different directions. I have never heard of these until watching Desolation Row cover one of their songs. Back to basics, dirty rock and roll. Love it!

Paul Ash Ashby

To find out more about Backyard Babies, head to their website here.

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