The Rock Fairy Radio Show

Rock and metal shenanigans with a bit of sparkle…now on the airwaves!

Yes folks that’s right!   The Rock Fairy has her very own radio show on TBFM Internet Radio.  Broadcast every Monday evening from 5pm until 7pm, this show promises to bring you the very best in unheard rock music with a sprinkling of heavy metal.   What do I mean by unheard?  It may be unsigned/independent bands, it may be obscure covers, it may even be a forgotten treasure from a band from years ago.  What I can definitely say is you will discover something you’ve not heard before.

Listen to the show as it’s broadcast on TBFM, Mondays from 5pm-7pm  here

If you can’t listen as the show airs, then you can listen again on Mixcloud here

Join the Facebook event for the show here

TBFM Rock Fairy Advert

If you’re in a band and think your track fits in well then drop me a line at with a link to download an MP3 and I’ll get back to you if it fits in with the show!


6 thoughts on “The Rock Fairy Radio Show

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  2. A photo has gone round from your email address by someone called Adam. In this photo there is a screenshot of a very rude email response to somebody emailing about an audition. I quote his response word for word “Sorry but 30 is too old and I dnt think you can expect to find a band doing original stuff now. women are not really rock at your age. Adam.” Although this email wasn’t addressed to me, I do find this message disgusting, uneducated and clearly unprofessional. You have ruined the reputation Adam by saying such careless things. This has been shared around Facebook over 100 times. I think the poor woman who is by far nowhere near old, deserves at least an honest apology!

    • Hello! The email was in fact TO me from Adam. I enquired about auditioning for his band after seeing an ad on Gumtree and that was the response I got. I wanted to share it to see if I was alone in thinking it was a horrible thing to say to someone. I am 30 but don’t feel it and even if I did, that attitude is wrong. Hope that clears things up for you.

      • I got here via Facebook. I am 35 and after 17 years of being okay at guitar, I’ve finally started committing a lot of my time to learning to shred properly. You have the right attitude – illegitimi non carborundum! \m/

  3. Lauren, keep doing what you’re doing. Your voice on that video from a couple of years ago was great. Supposedly, women’s voices don’t fully mature until their 30s. Debbie Harry was 31 when the first Blondie album was released, and look how disastrous her career has been – Ha ha !! One of my favourite local female rock vocalists is 31, and all the others are WAY older. That Adam bloke is obviously about 12 years old and doesn’t know any better. If you’re ever down in Cardiff you’ll be more than welcome at any of the sessions we have. Love the show too, what I’m listening to right at this very moment. Take care.

    Paledruid xxx

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