Keeping Your Gear Safe

Picture this, you've got a gig later and you go to check your car and boom, all your gear has been nicked.  What do you do?  Do you have enough money to go and replace it all?  Do you have enough kind friends to lend you some gear so you don’t have to cancel your … Continue reading Keeping Your Gear Safe

Busy Little Fairy!

Well we're already on February and what a whirlwind year this is turning out to be already!  I'm not long back from New York where I went to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers and bonus, it was SuperBowl weekend too!  What an amazing way to start the year.  Got to catch up with some … Continue reading Busy Little Fairy!

The Red Paintings on touring with Smashing Pumpkins’ Nicole Fiorentino and combining art with music…amongst other things (Interview for Manchester Rocks)

I caught up with The Red Paintings to find out about touring with Smashing Pumpkins' Nicole Fiorentino and combining art with music...amongst other things.  Read the full interview over at Manchester Rocks here