Well I didn't expect to be writing such a public post after sharing a screenshot of an email but it looks like I better!  First, let me explain the background of the story to make sure people have the facts. As a music writer and radio DJ I obviously have a passion for music and … Continue reading Adamgate

Busy Little Fairy!

Well we're already on February and what a whirlwind year this is turning out to be already!  I'm not long back from New York where I went to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers and bonus, it was SuperBowl weekend too!  What an amazing way to start the year.  Got to catch up with some … Continue reading Busy Little Fairy!

A tiny love letter to Almost Famous (not the burger place in Manchester)

I was having a chat earlier on today about how I got into writing about music and whilst not the sole trigger, Almost Famous had a massive impact on my life and possibly the direction it took afterwards.  For those not familiar with the film (I'm not referring to the burger place in Manchester) then … Continue reading A tiny love letter to Almost Famous (not the burger place in Manchester)

5 reasons why Cliff Richard is metal*

I was having a chat with a friend earlier on and jokingly said that Cliff Richard was the original metalhead.  Then I started thinking about this a bit more.  He actually is metal.  Let's look at the evidence... His name.  Cliff Richard was born "Harry Webb" but later changed it to Cliff .  Cliff as in cliff face, which suggested "rock".  This … Continue reading 5 reasons why Cliff Richard is metal*

Well Hello There

Welcome to my all new website for The Rock Fairy.  I started out with a little page on Facebook and realised there's tons more I can do so thought I'd set up one of these website things.  It's still very much in its early stages so if you can be a little patient whilst I work out what on earth … Continue reading Well Hello There