5 reasons why Cliff Richard is metal*

I was having a chat with a friend earlier on and jokingly said that Cliff Richard was the original metalhead.  Then I started thinking about this a bit more.  He actually is metal.  Let’s look at the evidence…

  1. His name.  Cliff Richard was born “Harry Webb” but later changed it to Cliff .  Cliff as in cliff face, which suggested “rock”.  This is honestly the reason he chose Cliff as his new name.  Apparently.  I don’t really know what Richard has to do with anything metal so  let’s just stick with the Cliff thing.
  2. He wrote a song about a Devil Woman and Black Sabbath “borrowed” the riff.  I mean come on.  Metal is all about hell, the devil and all manner of forbidden things right?  What could be more metal than a devil woman?   How about Black Sabbath using your riff  for one of their songs?  Black Sabbath used a bit of the riff from Devil Woman in Lady Evil.  I don’t know if Tony Iommi was having a laugh when he did this but you can’t deny it’s metal. (This information comes courtesy of Rishi Mehta from Babylon Fire by the way)
  3. Radio stations refused to play his music.  Yes, Cliff Richard is so metal, radio stations refuse to play his music.
  4. He made a Christmas song about booze (so metal) that goes really well with Slipknot…

  5. This video.  He likes small speakers, he likes tall ones and he’s wired for sound.  This song is basically about Marshall stacks…and he’s wearing leather.  What could be more metal than that?

So there you have it.  Cliff Richard is metal.

*This is entirely for fun, I don’t actually think Cliff Richard is metal.  Honest.

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