Album cover for I Want The World by Hands Off Gretel

The Rock Fairy Album Club: Hands Off Gretel – I Want The World

Welcome to The Rock Fairy Album Club where every week I'll suggest an album for you all to listen to then throughout the week, you'll have a natter in my Facebook group about the album and what you think of it

Upcoming Gigs!

Every now and again I like to put my money where my mouth is and put my own gigs on and I have two juicy ones this year that for some unknown reason, I've not shared with you here! Both are in my neck of the woods (Manchester) and will celebrate bands that you don't … Continue reading Upcoming Gigs!

How you can use a vegan sausage roll to promote your music*

The key to music success? *Kind of We’re barely a week into January and we already have probably one of the most epic marketing campaigns people have seen for a while.  You may be excited, outraged or maybe not even care, but chances are you’ve heard that Greggs are now doing a vegan sausage roll.  … Continue reading How you can use a vegan sausage roll to promote your music*

New Beginnings

Those that know me well will know that I sadly lost my father in May of this year to cancer, and in a particularly harrowing way.  This has made me evaluate what I want to achieve in my life and by what means.  The Rock Fairy was something I started back in 2012 as a … Continue reading New Beginnings

4 Ways of Reducing Visa Headaches

After seeing The Rock Fairy’s post on Facebook about Skindred’s recent visa troubles, we figured that it was a suitable time to explain the whole visa thing. Skindred are not the first and definitely won’t be the last band to run in to visa-related troubles, but maybe if you read our visa tips run down, you won’t be added to that list.

6 Reasons Why Winterstorm Is A Festival With A Social Conscience

  Now in its third year, Winterstorm is a rock festival held in the pretty seaside town of Troon in Scotland.  I had the pleasure of going last year and it's one of the first festivals I've been to which really gets stuck into being eco friendly without jumping on the greenwashing* trend we're seeing … Continue reading 6 Reasons Why Winterstorm Is A Festival With A Social Conscience

Keeping Your Gear Safe

Picture this, you've got a gig later and you go to check your car and boom, all your gear has been nicked.  What do you do?  Do you have enough money to go and replace it all?  Do you have enough kind friends to lend you some gear so you don’t have to cancel your … Continue reading Keeping Your Gear Safe

How To Create An Awesome Band Promo Shot

I'm about to provide you with a failsafe checklist for creating your band's promo shot.  You know the one that people will look at and judge you and your music by in 30 seconds?  Yeah.  That one.  Read and learn... Wardrobe.  Make sure you're wearing black, or denim, or even black denim.  Leather is also … Continue reading How To Create An Awesome Band Promo Shot

An Open Letter to Live Music Venues

I'm lucky enough to live in Bury, a town with numerous music venues, two dedicated pretty much solely to rock and metal, and close to Manchester which also has an abundance of live music venues.  Alas this abundance of live music venues is fast declining and not just in my neck of the woods.  I … Continue reading An Open Letter to Live Music Venues