How To Create An Awesome Band Promo Shot

I’m about to provide you with a failsafe checklist for creating your band’s promo shot.  You know the one that people will look at and judge you and your music by in 30 seconds?  Yeah.  That one.  Read and learn…

  1. Wardrobe.  Make sure you’re wearing black, or denim, or even black denim.  Leather is also a great option, as are chains and studs.  No colour though, that’s banned.  Although chances are your shot will be black and white anyway so you might get away with it if you’re really bad ass.
  2. Location.  Find a derelict industrial estate or some metal shutters.   Maybe even some metal shutters on an industrial estate if you’re really edgy.  Graffiti is a great touch too.  If you’re really struggling just go for a brick wall.
  3. Pose.  This is the really important one.   Get this wrong and you’ve destroyed your shot.  Find somewhere to stand and stand, legs apart with your arms folded.  Don’t you dare smile.  Look mean and moody, like someone killed your cat.

There you have it.  A failsafe checklist for your band’s promo shot.  I am of course joking.  How long have you spent writing and recording your music?  The sad fact is that many people do judge a book by its cover and if that cover is pretty generic looking, no-one is going to bother with it.  Especially when there are so many books out there.

This is a little plea for folk to just try and inject that creativity you pump into your music into your band’s promo shot too.  It will pay off.  One of my favourite unsigned bands (OK they’re now signed so we’ll go with up and coming) is Massive Wagons.  Have they done shots that meet my checklist when they first started out?  Yeah probably.  But this bad boy is far from it…


My apologies, I’m unsure who to credit for the photo (I know the guy is called Graham) but he’s captured the spirit of the band perfectly for those who know them and for those who don’t, it’s made you want to go and find out more about them.  Does your band’s promo shot do the same?

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