Sebastian Bach – Give ‘Em Hell (Album Review For TBFM)

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“Give ‘Em Hell is dirty, grab you by the throat and throw you against the wall rock and roll.  Gritty and, at times, heartfelt, you can almost smell the stale booze soaked morning after regret.  Is this a big middle finger to everyone that’s ever crossed Mr Bach?  I would say so.”

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Fighting Wolves – Chapter One (Album Review For TBFM)

“Every song is made to be played. Loudly. All the way up to 11. If this album was, as I suspect, working through a breakup then they had a damn good time doing it.”

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Rocket and the Ghost – Self titled EP (EP Review for The Ripple Effect)



 “If Thunderclap Newman had decided to have more than one hit (ten points if you can get it without googling), and jammed with Radiohead, you’re probably getting close to the sound of Rocket and the Ghost”

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Metal Night at The Towler with Fire in the Empire, A Ritual Spirit and Eternal Fear (Live Review for Manchester Rocks)

“Whilst many folk on a Sunday night are preparing to go back to work on Monday with a dose of Downton Abbey or, shock horror, the X Factor results, a select few like to go out and catch a live band or two. That was certainly the case on Sunday where The Towler had an impromptu metal night (metal nights are usually on Wednesdays at the Towler) and a fair few did turn up to show their support.”

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Ronin – Limerence (Album Review for TBFM)


“It’s refreshing to hear an album you can’t put into a box genre wise as it has elements of rock, metal and indie. A definite must have for those who don’t like pigeonholes!”

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