It’s no secret that the music industry can be pretty brutal.  It’s highly unregulated and a tough industry to find your feet in.  Despite this, when the stars align, it’s one of the most magical and rewarding areas you can possibly find yourself in.  The rock scene in particular is full of some of the most passionate people you can hope to meet.

I’ve decided to harness that passion to start a quest to level the playing field a bit, creating a sparklier corner for folk to enjoy great music in.  Whether you’re on stage, backstage or on the barrier, I want to help you get the most out of the bonkers world of rock music.

There are three main areas of focus for me with my work as The Rock Fairy and I hope you’ll find them useful.  There will be plenty of content for you to get your teeth stuck into on my website and social media, as well as events throughout the year.


Despite the romance of the music industry, it is just that, an industry.  Which means that having some basic business skills will help set you on your merry way to success, whatever that means for you.


You know I mentioned the word brutal?  Well it’s no secret that mental health issues are rife in the world of music.  Keeping yourself healthy in your mind, body and soul is super important and will make those tough times a little easier to deal with.


Music is beautiful.  Our planet is beautiful.  Having an awareness of how our industry affects the environment will help us keep it that way.

Other Stuff…

What else do I do?  Well here’s just a couple of things that keep The Rock Fairy busy (aside from my day job, yes I have one of those too).

I present The Rock Fairy Radio Show.  Wow, original name eh?  I have my own radio show on Fab Radio International every Monday from 7pm-9pm.  I play all the best music you don’t hear on the radio.  From unsigned/independent bands to forgotten gems from my vinyl collection, you’ll be sure to hear something new on my show.

I manage Scottish rockers The King Lot via my company Down The Rabbit Hole PR.  I’m a huge fan of their music and you should definitely check them out.

I set up Down The Rabbit Hole PR with Lyndsey Hopkinson,  a good friend of mine, and together we provide management and PR services for bands who are at that stage in their career (trust me, not everyone needs a manager or PR!).  I know I’m biased but we’re pretty awesome so feel free to check us out.  We’ve also got Lancashire rockers Sister Rose on our roster.

I’m an assessor for those lovely folks over at A Greener Festival. This means I work with event organisers and offer advice on how they can make their events more environmentally friendly.

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I should perhaps also mention that I’m a musician myself so I “get it.”

Phew, that was a lot wasn’t it?  That isn’t even everything I wanted to tell you!

The Rock Fairy x