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The Birth of Rock Fairy Management…

Rock Fairy Management was set up after the owner of The Rock Fairy, Lauren Hutchinson, constantly encountered bands who had been promised the earth by unscrupulous folk who were taking a pretty penny from bands in return for…well not exactly the earth.

Lauren herself has over 8 years coaching and management experience outside of the music industry and has decided to transfer these skills to support bands in their quest to get their music heard by as many people as possible, reaching their full potential.

Why Rock Fairy Management?

Music comes first.  True artist management should not be a cost to you as an artist.  An effective manager will help your music be heard by more people than you can reach on your own, and will in turn pull in more revenue for you than you can generate yourself so you can keep your dream alive.  Let’s face it, this making music lark isn’t exactly cheap these days.

What can Rock Fairy Management do for you?

The most important thing Rock Fairy Management can give to you is time.  Time for you to focus on doing what you do best, being creative.  All this along with our own personal time into developing you as an artist/band to ensure that you get to where you want to be.

OK so I’m interested, how much does all this cost?

Ah the age old question about money.  The industry standard for artist management is around 20% of your total income as a band/artist.  Rock Fairy Management is not interested in industry standards when it comes to money.  Every artist is different and we recognise that so we create a financial arrangement to suit everyone.  This is done by assessing where you are in your musical journey and where your current sources of income are coming from.  If you’re booking your own gigs, why should anyone else but you get a cut of that?  If you’ve already sorted out some extra pennies from a YouTube channel, that’s your own money to play with.  A rough guide is 15% of any income that we directly have an influence on generating for you.

What’s the catch?

Surprisingly, there isn’t one.   Everything is agreed upfront and in advance with the interests of your music at the heart of everything. Oh and if you’re not ready for a manager yet, we’ll also be completely honest and tell you that your money is better being spent elsewhere.


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