Contacting The Rock Fairy…

You may want to get in touch with me for various reasons such as…

  • You may be in a band and want an interview/gig review/album review.  As my main focus is celebrating local talent, I will have to give preference to bands who are based or playing in and around Manchester.  Much as I have a massive respect for anyone who makes music, some obscure metal band from the tropical rainforest is probably not going to appeal to Manchester Rocks or TBFM, the publications I write for.  That’s not saying I won’t try…I’m just being honest and saying you’re probably best looking elsewhere.
  • You may be a rock related business looking for a feature to be written about them.  I’m interested in clothes, food, house stuff and pretty much anything that’s pretty and rock related.  You know what?  It doesn’t even have to be pretty, even men folk need fashion and food tips.  Preference will be given to local businesses to begin with.
  • You may even just want to say hi (that’s nice, I don’t mind that at all).  No preference here, all hellos are very welcome.

The best way to get in touch with me is by dropping me an email at as that’s the fastest way of getting a reply.

4 thoughts on “Contacting The Rock Fairy…

  1. Colin. says:

    Ref gigging… Are the Bury venues mainly original work or covers, or a mix of both..I’m currently shopping out of town for my lads band The People from Blackpool. Been gigging a couple of years now, but fancy moving out a bit. Any advice, contacts anything at all would be appreciated.. Indie/rock modern covers mainly, few older tracks with a few originals.. Ongoing writing an EP.. Good live act, Stage presence, happy chaps..
    Colin Brown

    • therockfairy says:

      Hi Colin

      The two venues I referred to in my article both have a mixture of cover bands, originals and tributes playing regularly. There’s The Towler: The Venue (sometimes referred to as The Hark to Towler) and The Flying Shuttle. There are plenty more music venues in Bury, those ones are the ones that focus mainly on rock and metal though. Hope that helps.

      The Rock Fairy x

  2. Nick smart says:

    Hi Lauren ! Thanks for a great Glaston bury ! My names nick and had to leave just before twisted illusion and gave you a quick hug just as red light effect were finishin off
    What are the plans for future events then ?
    Any good stuff comin soon
    Just to sign off by saying you are doing a brilliant job and love your entrepreneureal spirit! Any vacancies ? 😃 love my music and rock in particular !
    You can get me on 07909 833778 or

    All the best! Nick x

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