Album cover for I Want The World by Hands Off Gretel

The Rock Fairy Album Club: Hands Off Gretel – I Want The World

Welcome to The Rock Fairy Album Club where every week I’ll suggest an album for you all to listen to then throughout the week, you’ll have a natter in my Facebook group about the album and what you think of it. Then I’ll pop everything together in a nice shiny article like this for us to share our thoughts with the world. Similar to book clubs, just with a rock and roll edge! A new album will be chosen every week. Some albums will be new releases, some may have been out for a little while. To join in with The Rock Fairy’s Album Club, head over to The Rock Fairy’s Backstage Pass group here

Album cover for I Want The World by Hands Off Gretel

“I Want The World” is the latest album from Hands Off Gretel. Hands Off Gretel are based in Yorkshire and are most certainly one of the trail blazers when it comes to a true DIY ethos. Despite being shafted by PledgeMusic, they’ve fought back and still managed to release this gem in March 2019. I’ve been playing some of the tracks on The Rock Fairy Show in recent weeks and people have been loving it. It felt right to encourage people to go and listen to the full album and share their thoughts on it.

Here’s what folk had to say about it along with a few thoughts from me…

I’ve been listening to this for a couple of weeks. Stand out tracks for me are.
1. Kiss me girl
3. I want the world
4. Blame myself

The album has an excitement and live feel sadly lacking in many releases. Young, vibrant and exciting with some beautiful lyric writing by Lauren Tate.

Graeme McDonald

Track Listing
1)Kiss Me Girl
2) S.A.S.S
3) Big Boy
4) It’s My Fault
5) I Want The World
6) Blame Myself
7) Alien
8) Freaks Like Us
9) Milk
10) Fingers
11) My Friend Said
12) Rot (All The Good Things)

‘I want the world’ bass line is superb! As already stated, so vibrant & plenty of power throughout, I love the transition & changes of pace on the songs

Derek Beecroft

Bassist Becky Baldwin has filmed a great play through of title track “I Want The World” for all you bass lovers which you can find on her Facebook page here

I’ve been playing this constantly for the last month. SASS first jumped out at me but with more listens you realise how great it is. I’d say now my fave track is the grunge inspired Milk , love the quirkiness of My Friend Said in fact there’s not one track I skip. Lauren’s lyrics are fantastic & the booklet that comes with it is superb. Someone’s going to have to bring out an absolute ball buster to stop this being my album of the year. Can’t wait see them at Call Of The Wild & Amplified.

Paul Cooper

For me personally I love this album, it’s rebellious and mature without trying too hard. I already love Hands Off Gretel’s aesthetic as I grew up in the era of No Doubt and teen movies like Ten Things I Hate About You so it makes me feel nostalgic! It’s so important for girls to have positive role models in the music industry and I feel Lauren Tate’s song writing lends itself really well to expressing teen angst without compromising musicality.

On first listen I enjoyed it, but would call it more punk than rock. It reminds me of Toyah Wilcox, Bow Wow wow, Poly Styrene & X Ray Specs, etc. None of that is a bad thing

Penny Wood

I think the track I identify most with on the album is “It’s My Fault”. I was in an abusive relationship for quite some time and, as is a recurring theme for many who have experienced domestic abuse, I believed that everything was my fault. I wish I could have listened to this track back then when I was trying to find a way out of that relationship as it’s so empowering. There’s a huge tendency to get caught up in your feelings of helplessness and self loathing in that kind of situation. This song feels like a big fuck you to anyone who makes a person feel that way. I don’t know if this is what the original intention of the song was as I don’t know the full background of it and I’ve tried not to find out. It’s amazing how songs can take on a personal meaning that may be different to the original inspiration for the song.

Loved this album as soon as I heard Blame Myself

Wayne Terence Dobb
Such a simple concept but absolutely stunning video for It’s My Fault

Music videos can really bring a song to life and this video is so simple but highly effective at telling the story of It’s My Fault.

This held my attention. So edgy and sassy and heavy bass lines. I loved it.

Lorraine McKinnon

I’ve been listening to this album for a while now and I’m definitely going to invest in a copy of it on vinyl (I love my vinyl as you know), I just can’t decide between pink or slime green! To get your hands on a copy of the album and some amazing merch, you can head over to Hands Off Gretel’s merch store here

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